The #1 Phobia
Is the Fear of Public Speaking!

Yet, everyday, thousands of people around the world, get up, confidently walk to a lectern on stage, in the boardroom, training room or at a conference without any fear of public speaking.

Their knees are not shaking. Their hands are not trembling. No beads of sweat trickle down their forehead. Their lips are not dry. Their voices are clear and firm and resonant. Their eyes are focused directly at their audience... looking from face to face.

And when they are finished speaking, their audiences give them standing ovations! And, they walk away feeling as if they have conquered the world.

And they have! At least... they have conquered the world... in that room - without showing any fear of public speaking!

  • Would you like to do that? 
  • Would you like to speak better and make more powerful presentations to audiences than you do now - without exhibiting any fear of public speaking? 
  • Would you like to learn the 'little' secrets that the top speakers have learnt about dealing with the fear of public speaking?
  • Would you like know how to be effective and successful if you have to do a training seminar and workshop?
  • Would you like to confidently make presentations on the job and get kudos from your colleagues, your manager, and your friends? 
  • Would you like to conduct training sessions or give powerful presentations to complete strangers who applaud you and want more... when you are finished speaking? 
  • Would you like to speak with clarity and style at your church, your community group, on the job, or at the club? 
  • Would you like to help people change their lives by telling them your personal story at workshops and seminars? 
  • Would you like to help people expand their knowledge on a topic of which you are an expert... or an area in which you are highly skilled? 
  • Would you like to become a professional public speaker? Now? Maybe... later? 
  • Would you like to become a corporate trainer or give business presentations? 
  • Would you like to know how to design your own speeches, workshops and training sessions? 
  • Would you like to present your own seminars to agencies, schools, and organizations? 
  • Would you like to build your own training and seminar business? 
  • Would you like to do any of the above part-time, half-time or full-time? 
  • Would you like to speak and present for fun or for profit? Both? 

Hi. My name is Marcus Mottley. I am a certified trainer, a speaker who has won multiple public speaking contests and awards, and a certified seminar leader.

But I did not start out that way.

If you answered "YES" to any of the above questions, then my team and I would like to help you.

Years ago, I could not have conceived or dreamt of speaking or presenting to more than a couple of people... even though I was a teacher! I exeperienced every symptom of the fear of public speaking!

Whenever I stood before a small group of people... or whenever I had to attend an important meeting, I stutterred, trembled, sweat trickled down my face and my neck... and I could feel those awful swarms of butterflies (and ants)... taking charge of my stomach... and my brain!

Public speaking and presenting is both an art and a skill that you have to learn. Yes, you can get information about how to give presentations from books and from tons of sites on the internet. But most of that information is shallow with a few hard to find nuggets and pearls hidden here and there.

Select any ten books on presentation skills or public speaking and you will notice that you are getting the same rehashed, repackaged information. Very few of those books give you proven & research based strategies and techniques to conquer the fear of public speaking!

Everyone speaks! And most people must speak in public at one time or another. And sometiems when you have to speak in front of others... it can be one of the most important events in your life...

  • A job interview!!!
  • A key report to your company's big cheese... 
  • A presentation to your critical colleagues...
  • A pep talk to some teenagers...
  • A speech at a wedding...
  • A speech at a retirement, or a funeral...
  • A training that you are asked to do...
  • A motivational talk to your staff...
  • An inspirational talk at church...
  • Making a professional sales pitch...
  • Making a personal sales pitch...
  • Responding to that irate customer...
  • An interview for that important loan...

The list of ways that effective speaking and presenting can help you is endless... 

Everyone speaks... publicly - at one time or another! Make your presentation count!

Not Afraid To Speak Publicly?

Well! You may not be afraid of speaking publicly... Good for you! But are you speaking clearly and concisely? Is your audience 'getting it'? Are they receiving what you intend for them to hear? Are they benefitting? And do you walk away with that good feeling deep on the inside knowing that you 'wowed em'?

Afraid or Not... Here is what you need so that you can be better at speaking and presenting.

What you need is the in-depth, detailed, quality information that comes from the personal experiences of a team of veteran trainers, speakers, presenters, seminar leaders, speech writers, meeting planners, training managers, training designers and developers... professionals who have 'been there and done that' and who are still speaking and training every week!

Not one person. No... not just information from me... But from a team of colleagues.

You get the secret or little known tips, tricks, techniques, strategies, 'how-to' and the key details of the speaking, training and presentation business.

We give you the opportunity, if you want, to be privately coached, mentored and trained, from where ever you are in the world.

And most of importantly, if you need it, you get detailed information on how to deal with the #1 Fear, the #1 Phobia... the "Fear of Public Speaking", the fear of standing up in front of more than one person with the desire or intention to 'give a talk'!

Let us also help you design, develop and deliver that powerful speech or presentation. We show you how! If it is urgent... then contact us immediately!

Let us help you deal with those butterflies in your stomach, the tremor in your voice, the shaking hand... the sweats... the fumbling... the suddenly heavy tongue, the dry lips and foggy brain...

Fill out the information below so that you can get the skills and information that will both empower and transform you.